We'd heard that the camping and surfing along the East Cape was some of the best in Baja, but we were skeptical given that there are congested major tourist areas nearby. Luckily, we were wrong.

On the way from Cabo San Lucas, the paved road quickly gave way to a bumpy, sandy one. The nicer homes overlooking the ocean started to thin, and about 20 minutes into the drive we were looking out the window at endless beaches full of vans, cruisers and surfers.



After a few blissful days of swimming, surfing and sweating on the beach, we drove to San Jose Del Cabo. We'd gotten married a few months prior, and two of our Austin-based friends had been thoughtful enough to treat us to a swanky hotel stay as a wedding gift. Needless to say, were stoked.

For pretty much anyone, the Drift would be a nice place to relax, but it was especially luxurious for two road weary nerds like us. We had a hammock in our room where we could lounge between taking as many showers as we wanted. The food cart on-site offered some pretty great food and the beers were cold. It was heaven.


We reluctantly left the Drift and planned to head back north toward La Paz and catch the ferry to the mainland, but on the road we ran into the same engine problem that had slowed us down earlier in the trip. Having exhausted all of our know-how and patience, we decided to suck it up and go to the Toyota dealership.

We arrived at the dealership hopeful it wouldn't take too long for a diagnosis, but we were told we needed an appointment and the earliest available was a week out. Not wanting to risk causing any harm to the rig, we decided to stay put and rented a little cabaña just a 5 minute walk from the beach and a bar called "Zippers".

A week later we headed to the dealership, hopeful again that we would soon be on our way, but we were told we'd need to wait another week for parts to arrive. On the bright side they assured us the problem wasn't so bad that we couldn't drive, so we headed back to the East Cape where we could wait for free on a gorgeous beach.


Ocean Spirits Cabo Bungalows, ~$65
[23.02808, -109.72059]

East Cape Camping, La Fortuna, Free
[23.14652, -109.50298]

East Cape Camping, Nine Palms, Free
[23.17676, -109.47808]


Zipper's Bar and Grill
Ok food, great view.
[23.02813, -109.71513]

Drift San José
Great food truck. Only open on certain nights.
[23.0632, -109.69563]

Lolita cafe
Great brunch!
[23.06115, -109.6958]

Baja Brewing
[23.06275, -109.69649]


Toyota Los Cabos
[23.01012, -109.72549]