After spending more time than anticipated at Agua Verde, we packed up and headed west across the peninsula towards the Pacific. We took off right in the middle of Semana Santa, so we knew our options would be limited as far as avoiding the crowds on the beaches. We had originally planned on taking the detour north to Scorpion Bay, but heard it was sure to be crowded, and we were still having trouble with the check engine light, so we decided to skip it.

We stopped in Ciudad Constitución to try again to fix the problem, but weren't successful. We decided to book it down south, as there was a Toyota dealer in Los Cabos, so we'd at least be close in case it came to that.

We drove to La Paz and stayed for a couple nights at a campground just outside the city, before continuing down to El Pescadero, where we'd heard from Lauri & Jase  of Wanderwasi that there was free, uncrowded beach camping at Playa San Pedrito.


A freelance project came in that required consistent, reliable wifi, so we rented a place in Cerritos to work for a couple weeks. It was a change of pace having daily showers, a bathroom, power, and wifi everyday, but we were anxious to get back on the road by the end of the stay.

We left our airbnb in Cerritos and headed back to camp at San Pedrito one more time before moving on.


San Pedrito Beach, FREE
[23.3667, -110.20261]

AirBnb Villas de Cerritos Beach, ~$35
[23.33624, -110.1764]


Napoli Pizza, $
greek salad and sausage pizza
[23.33579, -110.17595]

La Palapita, $
[23.33199, -110.17455]

Baja Beans Cafe Pescadero, $$
[23.36126, -110.17295]

Hierbabuena, $$$
All the cocktails!
[23.36307, -110.18146]

Minisuper Munchies, $
Ice cream sandwiches
[23.3613, -110.19362]