Where to begin? This is hands down one of our favorite places we've visited since hitting the road over a year ago. We'd been feeling like we'd been spending too much time on the very beaten path, so as soon as we turned onto the 40km long bumpy dirt road that leads to Agua Verde, we knew we were going to like it.

We spent our days here camped on the shore just above the waterline. Each morning we climbed out of the tent and walked directly into the water. Following our "bath" we'd spend the rest of the day fishing, snorkeling and mingling with "overwater" travelers who came ashore to walk the dog or just for a change of scenery.

After about an hour on the dirt road we saw the small bay we'd call home for the next few days. It was everything we'd hoped for when we decided to go to Baja, besides surfing of course.

On our last day here, we celebrated a birthday with fish tacos, our first whale shark sighting and a sunset hike with champagne.


You can camp right on the shore. An older gentleman name José lives there and you can pay him whatever you feel is fair.  High clearance, 4wheel drive recommended.
[25.52571, -111.0728]


There's a tiny restaurant on the main beach next to the town of Agua Verde. They ask that you make reservations so that they know how many fish to catch.
[25.51446, -111.07059]