Before hitting the road in March 2016, we'd been invited to Alyssa's cousin Randi's wedding at Mt. Hood. We really wanted to attend, especially after getting to know Randi's fiancé Tom during our stay with them in Portland. Unfortunately, at that time we felt that we couldn't commit to being back from Alaska in time for the wedding, so we said "maybe?"

Fast forward, we found ourselves leaving Glacier National Park the week before their wedding. After all the driving we'd been doing the previous moths, the idea of turning west and booking it 600+ miles to the wedding didn't seem like a big deal, so we asked Randi & Tom if it was too late to rsvp. Luckily they're laid back and were more than happy to include us, even with only a week notice.


We passed through Idaho, a state neither of us had been to before, and were sad we couldn't take more time to explore this beautiful place. Instead of camping, we stopped in Moscow, ID to catch up with an old friend, Kim, and then continued west through the amber waves of grain to Oregon.


Finally we reached the wedding venue, the Mazama Lodge near the base of Mt. Hood, where we would camp and celebrate for the next few days. It was a beautiful setting and an amazing wedding—day hikes, bonfires, dancing, good food and friends and family.


Before heading back east to explore more of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and so forth, we wanted to check out the CVT showroom. Obviously we liked what we saw, because we ended up buying our Land Cruiser and CVT tent a few months later.


Mazama Lodge
[45.30392, -121.73961]